Yala National Park.

Geographical Importance

Yala (Ruhunu) National Park is one of the oldest wild life reservations in Sri Lanka. It is the second largest national park in our island.
Yala is about 97880.7 hectares in magnitude.It belongs to two main distrcits in Sri Lanka , Hambantota and Monaragala.

Environment Importance

In This National Park There Are ,
 Wet Monsoonal and Dry Monsoonal Forests.
 Semi Deciduous Forests.
 Thorn Forests.
 Grass Land.
 Marine Wetlands.
 Fresh Water.
 Sandy Beaches.

And a Large Number of Animal And Plant Species.

Wild Animals

Yala National Park is Very Famous Among both local and foreign visitors because there you can watch big wild animals easily, Wild elephants (Elephas maximus) , Wild Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) and spotted deer(Axis axis ceylonesis) Can be Seen easily here. Wild Animals are abundant in area I of this national Park. It is a coastal area Because Wild Elephants are fond of the saline environment in Block 1. Data calculations say that there are about 450-500 wild elephants in yala.

Block 1 and Block 2 in yala is a paradise of leopards(Panthera Paradus Kotiya).It is a fantastic experience for the visitors In Addition to this , bears(Melursus ursinus), elks(cervus unicolour),Monkeys (Semnopithecus entellus) and a lot more endemic animal species can be seen here.

This National Park is a hostel for a lot more bird species.Specially migrative birds come in the duration from October to April. There are endemic bird species as well like the jungle fox (Gallus lafagettii). Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of water birds as well.

In the coastal areas of Yala, there are about five species of turtles, even the critically endangered ones. There are many Species of tortoises and lizards too. It is a common Sight in Yala to see the crocodiles bathing sun rays near the borders of the lakes and small water-holes.

Tourist Facilities.
Daily Visitors are Permitted to enter to the First block in Yala National Park. Block 2 which is limited by ‘Menik’ river can be visited only by the residential visitors Who have a Special Permission.This Residential Visitors are provided with lots of facilities in yala. There are seven main Bungalows namely Mahasilawa , New Buthawa , Old Buthawa , Thalagasmankada , Heenwewa , Benduwewa And Warahena.

There’re three main pathways to enter to this beautiful wild paradise Yala National Park.
 From Colombo via Galle , Matara , Hambantota And Tissamaharama. (Roughly 293kms)
 From Colombo via Rathnapura , Pelmadulla , Embilipitiya , Hambantota and Tissamaharama. (Roughly 284kms)
 From Colombo via Ratnapura , Palmadulla , Udawalawa , Tanamalvila And Tissamaharama. (Roughly 235kms)
• Tissamaharama Town is the Gateway to Yala National Park.There you Can buy our fantastic Jeep Service to visit Yala.

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